About EduShyster

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEduShyster is the blog of freelance journalist and public education advocate Jennifer Berkshire. Berkshire spent six years editing a newspaper for the American Federation of Teachers in Massachusetts and now (almost) makes her living writing, editing and causing trouble. She started EduShyster in 2012 after her frequent early morning tirades against the state of media coverage of education issues threatened to upend her marriage. The name came courtesy of her three nephews and refers to someone *untrustworthy, money-grubbing or devious.* (Note that this definition refers not to the author herself but to the edu-schemes and hijinks she chronicles here.) What began as a comic skewering of the excesses of the education reform movement has morphed into something more seriousbut always with a focus on the unintended consequences of the shift towards a market-based education system.

Berkshire’s writing and interviews regularly gain national attention. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Baffler, Salon, Alternet, the Progressive, Bloomberg EDU and some other places she is almost certainly forgetting. Berkshire is also the creator and co-host of a new podcast series called Have You Heard which was mentioned recently in the New York Times.

For more information or to invite her to come for a visit, contact jennifer@edushyster.com



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