EduShyster Academy

Founded in 2012, EduShyster Academy maintains a laser-like focus on excellence, innovation and disruption. Since moving boldly into the edujargon space, EduShyster Academy has served as a unique portal into the great transformative cause of our time: education reform. EduShyster Academy’s proven and measurable results can be laid at the feet of its outstanding human capital, drawn from industries as diverse as fast food and financial services. In fact, 96% of EduShyster Academy team members rate themselves as highly qualified or exceptional. Note: EduShyster Academy is not an accredited institution.

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Human Capital

Jennifer Berkshire, ExD. Academy Founder, Director, Human Capital
The founder of EduShyster Academy, Berkshire has a PhD in Excellence (ExD) and serves as the Academy’s lead edupreneur, a title she pronounces with its deserved French flourish. Impatient with bureaucracy and its shackles, she draws upon her proven *people skills* and knowledge of *core competencies* to oversee the Academy’s rapidly growing human capital division. 

cchCCH, Algorithm Methodologist
CCH is a Lynn, MA native who enjoys scouring the web for the latest education related data and studies. Specialties include navigating the Massachusetts DESE website, tracking longitudinal data points and the Chapter 70 funding formula. When she’s not making graphs for her blog or talking education, CCH can be found watching football 5 days a week during the season, riding her bike along Lynn Shore Drive or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.

Mr. Mell, Director, Department of Photoshopping
Mr. Mell is driven by data-driven decision making, the Oxford comma, and early-release days. In his spare time, he teaches science. Mr. Mell supports art and music in education because they help students excel in something called STEM.

Nancy Bloom, Chair, Department of Charter Studies
Nancy Bloom spent five years teaching at one of Boston’s largest charter schools, an experience that has led her to disregard almost everything education-related that appears in the Boston Globe. She is a certified special education and reading specialist and excelled at helping her former charter students answer multiple-choice questions after reading paragraph-length passages.

Mazinger Z, Department of Carried Interest
blackboxMazinger Z is a former Wall Street trader who has worked for hedge funds and investment banks for more than a decade. Mazinger Z specializes in stock valuation, price-to-earnings ratios and investment opportunities for EduShyster Academy and maintains that the failed and failing public education space can be *put right* by functioning more like a high-performing hedge fund. 

Adell Cothorne, Chief Operating Officer, Integrity Department
Cothorne uses her position on the EduShyster Academy faculty to blow the whistle on edu-shenanigans, particularly those in Washington DC, where she served as a principal under former Chancellor Michelle Rhee. A real life Darby Shaw, Cothorne is also the mother of a student in the Baltimore Public Schools. 

Sarah Lahm, Cradle-to-Career Counselor
sarah lahm Lahm is a former English teacher who realized, not as quickly as some, that teaching is hard work. Today she uses her keyboard to create communication briefs and Powerpoints that celebrate the true heroes of education: billionaires & those who dream mightily of becoming billionaires. Together, we shall rule the world! She is also a proud public school parent who believes children are little more than data points in the cradle to career galaxy. 

Sue Altman, Director, Business Department
Altman joined the faculty of EduShyster Academy after receiving her MBA from Oxford University (yes, that Oxford). She previously taught at a private boarding school in the US, which, she couldn’t help but notice, operated rather differently than the New Jersey public schools from which she is a proud graduate. Altman is currently advising EduShyster Academy on developing a strict *stacked ranking* system of employee evaluation.

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